Innovative Schooling Models

Sponsor Innovative Schooling and School Governance Models

In the midst of these financial challenges, the urban-faith based schooling sector has nonetheless developed some of the most innovative and promising educational models of the past generation. School networks such as the Cristo Rey schools, the Nativty Miguel Network, Notre Dame ACE Academies, the Association of Christian Schools International, and HOPE Christian Schools have extraordinary potential to re-shape the landscape of inner-city education. We must aggressively promote the unparalleled value that these schools represent to their communities, as well as carefully study the means through which they may be optimally scaled and replicated.
In addition, we must be more deliberate in fostering innovations in urban faith-based education that are responsive to the children and families most in need. Not only must we make a more concerted effort to celebrate the successes of all of our current partners in this sector, but we must also create effective means of incentivizing educational entrepreneurs to develop financially viable, academically rigorous, and authentically faith-based educational models.