The University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Educational Initiatives (IEI)

Through teaching, research, and outreach the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Educational Initiatives (IEI) is dedicated to improving the education of all youth, particularly the disadvantaged, with a special call to sustain and strengthen Catholic schools. Among the most visible components of the IEI programs include:

Seton Educational Partners

Seton Education Partners is committed to reviving and expanding opportunities for disadvantaged children in America to receive an academically excellent and vibrantly Catholic education. Seton was born of the belief that a tremendous opportunity exists to revitalize urban Catholic schools in America and strengthen the education they provide. Seton works to preserve, and expand, Catholic schooling's rich tradition of discipline, character formation, and high academic achievement for all students, regardless of background. Four principles govern all Seton activities:
  • Results
    • All initiatives have a strong emphasis on student achievement, as well as on character development, with results that are far superior to most urban public schools;
  • Sustainability
    • All initiatives must be on a steady course to financial sustainability via public funds, tuition, church contributions, and/or philanthropy;
  • Catholicity
    • All initiatives must have as a core mission demonstrating and teaching the Catholic faith; and
  • Service to the Poor
    • All initiatives must be primarily focused on serving children who qualify for the federal free- and reduced-lunch program, a standard measure for students living in poverty.