Michael Anderer-McClelland
President & Executive Director
San Miguel Schools Chicago
Mary D. Baier
Paterson Catholic High School
Dave Baron
Trustee, University of Notre Dame
Associate, Sidley Austin LLP
Debra Mayconich Baron
Doctoral Candidate
Loyola University Chicago
Margaret Brinig
Fritz Duda Family Chair in Law
University of Notre Dame Law School
Gwendolyn Byrd
Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Archdiocese of Mobile
Bro. Stanislaus Campbell, FSC
Brothers of the Christian Schools, San Francisco District
Sr. Patricia E. Carroll, SSJ
Nazareth Schools
B.J. Cassin
Chairman and President
Cassin Educational Initiative Foundation
Bebe Cassin
Cassin Educational Initiative Foundation
Chris Clemons
Director, Notre Dame Ed Leadership Program
University of Notre Dame
John Convey
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Professor of Education
Catholic University of America
Bro. Kevin Convey, FSC
Director of Education
Christian Brothers of the Midwest
Marguerite Coyne, CSJ
Sisters of St. Joseph
John Croghan
Chairman and Managing Director
Rail-Splitter Capital Management
Christian Dallavis
Director, Notre Dame ACE Academy Schools
University of Notre Dame
Donna M. Dedee
President & CEO
Bishop Kearney High School
Tom Doyle
Senior Director, M.Ed. Program, ACE
University of Notre Dame
Carolyn Dubuque
Director of Mission Effectiveness
Access Academies
Bro. Mike Fehrenbach
Catalyst Schools
Susan Ferguson
Director, Center for Catholic Education
University of Dayton
Rick Garnett
Professor of Law
University of Notre Dame Law School
Greg Geruson
Catholic School Development Program
Christine Healey deVaull
Executive Director
Healey Philanthropic Group
Bill Henk
Dean, College of Education
Marquette University
George Henry
Superintendent of Catholic Education
Archdiocese of St. Louis
Thomas Hunt
Professor of Education
University of Dayton
Joyce Johnstone
Ryan Chair and Senior Director of ACE
University of Notre Dame
Bro. Joe Kamis, S.M.
Superintendent of Schools
Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Bruce Kaneb
Associate Director
ACE Consulting
Ben Ketchum
Holy Redeemer Catholic School
Jennifer Ketchum
St. Peter’s Interparish School
Kippy King
Program Director
Greg Kopra
Assistant Director, Office of Education
De La Salle Institute
Matt Ladner
Vice President for Research
Goldwater Institute
Dan Lapsley
ACE Collegiate Professor of Psychology
University of Notre Dame
Earl Linehan
Woodbrook Capital, Inc.
Marlene Lund
Executive Director
Center for Urban Education Ministries, Lutheran Schools Association
Nanette Mack
Director of Research
Mid-Atlantic Catholic Schools Consortium
Kathleen Mahoney
Porticus North America Foundation
Jennifer Maney
Institutional Coordinator
Greater Milwaukee Catholic Education Consortium
Bro. William Mann, FSC
St. Mary’s University of Minnesota
Rev. Don McNeill, CSC
Senior Fellow, Institute for Latino Studies
University of Notre Dame
Terry Mehan
Director of Development
Access Academies
Sr. Dolores Montini, CSJ
Sisters of St. Joseph
Benny Morten
Principal, St. Ann's Catholic School, Chicago, IL
Gregory J. Naleski
Vice President for Development
NativityMiguel Network of Schools
Mary Lynn Naughton
Program Director
Mathile Family Foundation
Thomas Nolan
Executive Director
Access Academies
Rev. Joseph M. O’Keefe, S.J.
Dean, Lynch School of Education
Boston College
Ryan Olson
Program Director, Kern Family Foundation
Antonio Ortiz
Associate Principal
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Chicago, IL
Lorraine Ozar
Director, Center for Catholic School Effectiveness
Loyola University Chicago
Marie Powell
Executive Director
Secretariat of Catholic Education, USCCB
Cecilia Powers
Justin-Siena High School Board Member
Jack Remick
Chief Financial Officer
Rochester Athletic Club
Mary Ann Remick
Advisory Board Member
Alliance for Catholic Education
Karen Ristau
National Catholic Educational Association
John Russell
Financial Securities Industry
John Schoenig
Research Assistant
University of Notre Dame Law School and ACE
Bro. Bob Smith
Messmer Catholic Schools
John Staud
Coordinator and Senior Director
Administration and Pastoral Life, ACE
Richard Stock
Director, Business Research Group
University of Dayton
Lynne Sullivan
Senior Program Officer
Catholic Schools Foundation, Boston, MA
Doug Tuthill
President, Florida School Choice Fund
Rev. John J. Wall
President, Catholic Church Extension Society
Terry Shields
Vice President for Mission and Programming
NativityMiguel network of Schools
Andy Smarick
Distinguished Visiting Fellow
Thomas B. Fordham Institute
Joe Walsh
Buck Family Foundation
Bro. Robert Wickman, FSC
Former President, Justin Siena High School